Driver licenses and the Green Light Law

The Driver's License Access and Privacy Act, commonly called the 'Green Light law', was enacted on June 17, 2019, and takes effect on December 16, 2019.  It allows all New Yorkers age 16 and older to apply for a standard, not for federal purpose, non-commercial driver license or learner permit regardless of their citizenship or lawful status in the United States.

You do not need a Social Security card to apply for a license or permit

Under the Driver's License Access and Privacy Act, driver license applicants who have never been issued a Social Security Number are eligible to apply.

You must sign an Affidavit (sworn statement) of never having been issued a Social Security Number when you apply for a standard driver license

Documents you will need to apply

All Applicants for a standard driver license must show a combination of documents that prove 1. name, 2. date of birth, and 3. New York State residency.

In addition to the combination of proofs we currently accept, beginning December 16, 2019, we will also accept

  • a valid, unexpired foreign passport issued by your country of citizenship
  • a valid, unexpired consular identification document issued by a consulate
  • a valid foreign driver license that includes your photo, and which is either unexpired or expired for less than 24 months
  • Permanent Resident Card, which is either unexpired or expired for less than 24 months
  • Employment Authorization Card, which is either unexpired or expired for less than 24 months
  • Border Crossing Card
  • U.S. Municipal ID Card (e.g. NYC ID) with photo
  • foreign marriage or divorce record or court issued name change decree

  • foreign birth certificate

Review the standard license and permit guide to see a list of all proofs that will be accepted effective December 16, 2019.

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Affidavit stating no social security number (Form NSS-1A)

An individual who has never been issued a Social Security Number by the United States Social Security Administration can submit a Form NSS-1A (Affidavit Stating No Social Security Number) to the DMV when they apply for a New York State Permit or Driver License.  The a sample of the form is below:

AFFIDAVIT STATING NO SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERI, ______________________________________________________________________, born on________________________,have never been issued a Social Security number.I understand that making a false statement on this affidavit, or submitting any documentation that is false, may be punishable as acriminal offense.If you are mailingin an application or renewal, this affidavit MUSTbe witnessed by a certified Notary Public.If you are submitting this affidavit in a DMV office, the Motor Vehicle Representative MUSTwitness your signature.SignatureFull Legal NameDate of Birth (Month/Day/Year)DateNSS-1A (12/19)MVR SignatureDateNotary Public (Please sign an

FOR NOTARY:STATE OF NEW YORK)) SS.:COUNTY OF)On this ______________ day of ____________________________, 20_____, before me personally came_______________________________________________________________, to me known and known to me to be the persondescribed in and who executed the foregoing instrument and she/he acknowledged to me that she/he executed the same.My Commission Expires: _______________